ECF is an event designed to reposition the socio-economic image of Ekiti and usher in the ‘New Year’ in a grand way giving the people of Ekiti especially, something to look forward to and an important reason to gather together in an atmosphere of LOVE at the end of the year.

With an important message of EKITI FIRST irrespective of places of abode, ECF will create an atmosphere of oneness going into every ‘New Year’, doing recaps of past event’s and special memories within the year we are counting down from.  ECF will address social issues via festivity of music, arts and culture in core areas of objective socialization whilst combining the powers of knowledge and entertainment in an aesthetic rendering and promotion of arts, culture and values.

Ekiti countdown fiesta offers a dynamic and inclusive cause for celebration; entering into each ‘New Year’ with a clear message of LOVE, UNITY and HARMONY while developing capacity to expand and set the pace for neighboring states.


ECF brings, energy and entertainment. The three day non-stop celebration will feature great performances ranging from art exhibition, cultural nights, advocacy, individual New Year wish collections, competitions, talent exhibition, karaoke, special appearances from music stars and local artist and a colorful grand display of fireworks.  Art performances, raffles with exhibition and resolution booth will be the major attractions. The first two days of the event will witness citizens being thrilled with an unforgettable culture, arts, information and music spectacle at the fiesta within the state.

The last day will capture the end of the whole event activities with the main countdown at the Ekiti Parapo pavilion, new Iyin Road, Ado-Ekiti.