Odunola Olabintan
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    : +234-706-924-9661

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    : olabintanodunola@yahoo.com, oodunola@ekiticountdownfiesta.com.ng

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    : Olabintan Odunola

    : @the_odunola

    : @the_odunola

Odunola is a social entrepreneur with cogent experiences in finance, coordination, teamwork, strategic planning, event management and advocacy. A medical student of Ekiti state university, she is industrially skilled and knowledgeable in volunteering and management, strategic planning, video editing and social media. With a vlog on YouTube, she is the founder of health city (dedicated to promoting preventive medicine) and a certified open source leader. From event planning to public speaking to research, Odunola is a multifaceted solution and result driven social entrepreneur. As an advocate for the campaign (by UNICEF) against female genital mutilation and the financial secretary of Ekiti state university medical student’s association, she combines fluid interpersonal skills in leadership, training, management, customer service, communication, community outreach and sales presentation with over three years experience in content creation. Her certifications include: – creating and maintaining social enterprises – management strategy for people and resources – strategies for personal Growth and Development. She is the coordinator of strategic planning for the Ekiti countdown fiesta event.